Swag's Fest Photos: Denton Blues Festival

September 21, 2002
Denton, TX


Thirty miles north of Dallas lies the college town of Denton, TX, home of the University of North Texas (motto: "Don't call us North Texas State").   The Denton Blues Festival is a one day annual event put on by the Denton Black Chamber of Commerce.

Held on the North Texas Fairgrounds, the stage is on a very large lawn.  A small area up front is reserved for VIP's (folks with an extra $5 to spend), and the rest is blankets and lawn chairs.  The big space and the moderate crowd combine to give the fest a very relaxed feel.

Feeling a bit under the weather, I wasn't able to spend the whole day, but did get out to see Pops Carter and the Funkmonsters; plus Anson Funderburgh and the Rockets featuring Sam Myers.  No surprise - Anson and Sam were the highlight, playing some great blues as a full moon rose behind the stage.

Pops Carter and the Funkmonsters 113-1319_IMG.JPG (56383 bytes)
Anson Funderburgh and
Sam Myers
113-1345_IMG.JPG (41727 bytes)
Sweet Sam Myers 113-1347_IMG.JPG (36045 bytes)
"Moon Over Sammy" 113-1335_IMG.JPG (30163 bytes)

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