Swag's Fest Photos: Frog Blues Festival

Aug 9, 2003
Elmo, TX

Forty miles east of Dallas on the old US Route 80, just a little way past Terrell, you come to the town of Elmo, TX.  Not too much there, but one Saturday in August, you'll find the Frog Blues Festival. 

Folks had advised me not to go, telling tales from past fests of rough conditions and swarms clouds of mosquitos.  When I woke up to steady rain (very ususual for morningtime in Dallas in August), I'd all but ruled it out.  But the rain stopped, the skies cleared, and it was an unseasonably cool, clear evening with an almost full moon.   Perfect weather to put the convertible top down and drive into the country.

From the stories, I was worried I'd be sitting in a swamp, but it felt more like someone's backyard (which I think it may be).  About 200 folks in a small, fenced in area.  No swarms of mosquitos, and, having sprayed myself wth Off, nary a bug to be seen.

$10 admission, and coolers welcome.  BYOB makes this cheaper than a free Fest where you buy overpriced beverages.  One vendor selling food, mostly barbecue, but I didn't try any. 

First up was the Blues Specialists, featuring Mel Davis, from Austin.  Then DFW local Holland K. Smith.  And finally, Ric E. Blues, from Mississippi by way of Houston.  All were solid and thoroughly enjoyable. 

All in all, a nice little Fest.  I'll be back in future years.

Frog Fest FrogBlues03 007.jpg (64293 bytes)
Plenty of room FrogBlues03 003.jpg (49508 bytes)
Mel Davis and the Blues Specialists FrogBlues03 004.jpg (53960 bytes)
Holland K. Smith FrogBlues03 015.jpg (51652 bytes)
Ric E. Blues, with
Butch Bonner on guitar.
FrogBlues03 019.jpg (40073 bytes)
Ric gets down... FrogBlues03 032.jpg (55259 bytes)

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